Wednesday, April 28, 2010

oh no I made a boo boo

While I was waiting for the chart for the fall goddess I stitched on the Mermaid. This one I will bead as I go as there are a ton of beads in this one.I had an MRI done on my shoulder last week and I hope I never have to go in that machine again. I was in there for 30 minutes and I was scared and I kept my eyes jammed shut the whole time.Next week I have an appointment with a specialist, so I will see what he has to say. I am hoping for orthoscopic . I will find out the mri results tomorrow and I hope the tendons aren't severed just tore.
I was having a frustrating time with the fall goddess. I was stitching from the pattern that was in the cross stitch collection magazine and for some reason where the 4 pages met I kept making a mistake. I ordered the chart from Polstitches and it came today and happily I got that straightened out, although my progress did shrink alittle on that piece.
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