Sunday, January 22, 2012

I gave up

I resisted as long as I could but I gave in, here is my first start of the year These patterns are from the Joan Elliott book Bewitching Cross Stitch and there are 4 words to stitch, Imagine, Dreams, Hope and Believe.I am stitching on a 32ct Solo from Silkweaver.
Still working on the ornaments, I wish the glitz would show up, there is a lot of Krenik in this piece. And that's what I have done this week and so from me and my best critic in the world have a great stitching week

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


No I haven't made any resolutions or set any stitching goals nor am I doing any challenges.But I have already seen several patterns that I am itching to start.
This is ornaments ala round from Glendon Place. and I need to finish some of my wips.
This is going to be the first one I finish, it is Lilly of the Woods. And Earth Goddess is at Rensel Studio
So that is it for my first update of the year.
Take care friends and Happy Stitching